Caviar & Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne Celebration Pack


There is no better match for the ocean delicacy of caviar than Champagne. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or enjoying an indulgent night in with friends or that special someone, this Caviar and Champagne pack is sure to satisfy the senses.

Choose your preferred species and size of Caviar tin which will be perfectly matched by the elegance and finesse of a bottle of Dom Perignon Vintage 2010 Champagne, a year marked by harsh, contrasted and perilous conditions - with very few declared Champagne vintages.

Your Caviar and Champagne will be beautifully packaged ready to be gifted and includes:

1 x tin Caviar

1 x bottle Dom Perignon Vintage 2010 Champagne 750ml

1 x Mother of Pearl Spoon

1 x Caviar key

Caviar must be stored in the coolest section of your refrigerator, preferably on ice until ready to serve. We recommend that you purchase the right amount of Caviar required for each Caviar service, as once the Caviar tin is opened it should be consumed and enjoyed immediately.

For a 2 person serving we recommend a 30g tin

For a 3 - 4 person serving we recommend a 50g tin

In France, 2010 is a vintage that produced so many sensational wines - Bordeaux, Burgundy, but in Champagne very few houses declared a vintage. The reason was that on August 15 and 16 the region had the equivalent of two months of rain, placing an enormous risk that the entire 2010 harvest would be lost to botrytis. 

Dom Perignon took a massive gamble by leaving 20% of their Pinot Noir plots to ripen. This risk paid off with the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes having the second highest level of acidity of the past decade. The fruit picked had a fantastic balance of richness on one hand and freshness on the other hand. The wine bears this out with its immense concentration and a beautifully integrated but firm acidity.

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