Texas Style BBQ Wagyu Brisket Burnt Ends - 400g


Brisket burnt ends are, quite literally, the "burnt ends" taken from a smoked brisket. They were initially served as a side dish, providing the smoked brisket edges with a second chance at delighting our taste buds. These bite-sized flavour bombs are sticky, juicy, and incredibly saucy.

We've taken care of the painstaking hard work, leaving the fun and delicious part to you. Simply warm them gently in a moderate oven, add our house-made honey-infused BBQ sauce (included in the pack), and return them to the oven until the pieces are beautifully glazed, tender, and ready to be savoured.

To prepare your burnt ends:

  • Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius
  • Place the burnt ends on a lined baking tray ensuring they are evenly spread out 
  • Cook for 15 minutes
  • Remove tray from the oven and generously baste the burnt end pieces with the BBQ sauce
  • Return tray to oven and continue to cook until the edges have crisp up
  • Your burnt ends should read 75 degrees Celsius on a temperature probe
  • Remove from the oven and let it rest. Enjoy your burnt ends with traditional condiments such as pickles and white bread

Feeds up to 3

Contains: Sulphites, Sesame seeds, Fish, Soy, Mustard.

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