Fullblood Wagyu Katarosu (Chuck Eye Log) Roast Marbling Score 9+ Stone Axe - 800g


Katarosu, a Japanese term that roughly translates to 'Shoulder Loin,' represents a unique gem of a cut. This exceptional Wagyu roast serves as the perfect centerpiece for your culinary masterpiece.

Derived from the eye of the chuck, a natural extension of the scotch fillet, this cut is renowned for its decadent and rich flavour, courtesy of its dense and fine marbling. Like any beef roast, we recommend cooking this cut to medium doneness. Given that it's essentially a slow-cook cut, coupled with the fact that it is sourced from the finest full-blood Wagyu in the country, achieving the perfect cook on this product is virtually foolproof.

Feeds 6-8 people

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