Beef Rump Cap Steak Marbling Score 3+ Black Onyx Rangers Valley - 220 g


These perfectly portioned Rump Cap Steaks from the world’s most respected premium marbled beef producers, Rangers Valley - are ready for the grill. This hard to find cut is a favourite among butchers as it is packed full of amazing flavour and has the perfect ‘steak’ like texture.  

What is Rump Cap?

The Rump Cap is a lesser-known steak cut that is also referred as Coulotte in French, Picanha in Brazil or Top Sirloin in America. This cut is derived from the sirloin primal and is prized for its robust, beefy flavour, with a delightful layer of fat ensuring tenderness and rich flavour during cooking.

Juicy, tender, and well marbled – this is a steak that consistently delivers.

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