Beef Sirloin 'Club Steak' O'Connor Superior Marbling Score 5 + - 500g


Club Steak, also known as a bone-in sirloin, is believed to result in a more flavourful and tender steak when cooked on the bone. The additional flavour and moisture from the bone can result in a richer and juicier steak, while the bone can act as a natural heat conductor, cooking the meat evenly and preventing it from drying out.

O'Connor Beef is sourced from Angus cattle in the pristine Gippsland region of Southeast Victoria. Angus Beef is revered for its bolder flavour profile and fine textured marbling.

This Club Steak Steak has been wet-aged for a minimum of 28 days and skillfully butchered. It's perfect for pan-frying, grilling, or BBQ, and it's one of the finest examples of Angus beef produced in Australia.

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