Wagyu Rump (Rostbiff) Steak Marbling Score 5+ Rangers Valley - 300g x 2 Pieces


This Rangers Valley WX Rostbiff steak, prepared from the rump, boasts a marbling score of 5+.

WX by Rangers Valley is a Wagyu crossbred with exceptional genetics, creating something truly unique and exclusive. Unlike other crossbred Wagyu, Rangers Valley stands apart. It's not just about the Wagyu component or the marble score; it’s about a meticulously developed and artfully crafted evolution.

This evolution blends Wagyu and marbling with deliberate and skillful crossbreeding, resulting in a lineage where one great ancient breed meets another. The outcome is a flavour, performance, and quality that are truly exceptional and beyond compare.

It is best grilled in a pan or on the BBQ and served simply to highlight its exquisite flavour.

Rangers Valley is one of the world's most respected premium marbled beef producers specialising in pure Black Angus and Wagyu cross breeds. Located in the pristine northern tablelands of NSW, they produce superior beef that is flavoursome, tender, succulent and consistent - without compromise. The cool climate provides a stress-free environment with abundant rainfall for the Hormone Free animals all year round. 

Rangers Valley achieve maximum marbling with specialised feed rations to ensure their cattle grow at a slow, natural rate, similar to that of a pasture fed animal. This approach delivers beef products that achieve consistent marbling scores.

Committed to whole of life animal welfare and the humane and respectful handling of all their animals, they are accredited with Meat Standards Australia (MSA) technology and systems.

This beautiful rump steak is best cooked when grilled on the BBQ.

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