Suckling Pig Quarter (Shoulder & Rack)


In many countries around the world from Sardinia to Cuba, a roasted pig is at the center of a traditional Easter meal. We are offering you the opportunity to order and secure your very own suckling pig quarter for a unique centrepiece.

Roast this portion of the suckling pig over tempered coals. Alternatively, this will cook beautifully in an oven low and slow. When cooked perfectly, this suckling pig will deliver you the most incredible crispy, crunchy crackling, and soft, succulent meat.

For best results rub the skin liberally with course, natural sea salt at least one hour before cooking. Be sure to season inside as well as the skin.

2.5 - 3.0kg Feeds 6-8 people

3.0 - 3.5kg Feeds 8-10 people

3.5 - 4kg Feeds 10-12 people

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