Beef Asado Style Short Ribs Grass Fed Angus Premium O’Connor - 250g x 3 Pieces


Packed with flavour, these O'Connor Premium Pasture Raised / Pasture Finished Beef Short Ribs boast natural marbling and superior eating quality. 

Whilst mostly considered a braising cut these short ribs are cut at the perfect thickness to be grilled over high heat to release complex, deep flavours. We can thank the South Americans for this hence the term asado referring to meats cooked on the traditional parilla. Or, as tradition states, slowly braised to let the connective tissue melt and the natural collagen convert to thick, rich gelatin. 

Cook gently to medium rare or medium, turning frequently so all the delicious juices stay inside. Cook until there is a lovely crisp and smoky exterior. Team with a delicious piquant chimichurri or a good sharp mustard.

Feeds 3 - 4

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